Metallic Vessels – 6 Pack


Black Lager with Coffee – 5.0% ABV

Beings never cease. We lay down and perish breath. Decomposition first, then bustling genesis. And upon the gravestones of our yesteryear, a vibrant new form takes aim at life. Such a vicious cycle we endure. Quite a righteous revival we have earned. When the decaying entrails of such a meek society wave their wands in the air, the plea of rebirth is heard at such a shrill. From the beleaguered souls of our vengeful confines, we welcome this modern black lager. Bountiful in body, but crisp in delivery, this vessel is blessed with a special blend of boldly-roasted coffee from Onyx Coffee Roasters. For this cup is always full, and its tin forever shines.

6 pack – 12oz Cans

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Weight 88 oz
Dimensions 7.7 × 5 × 4.95 in