Billows Dry-Hopped Kolsch – 6 Pack


Billows Dry-Hopped Kolsch – 4.9% ABV

It is your salient moment. Walk the path of righteousness, or wear a cloak of apathy. It’s a choice we all must make. So what is real? The answer lies within your belief in an ideal and a thirst to search out that which is pure. Take in your hand this humble vessel, stand against false idols, and fortify the beauty you helped build as a lover of craft. A simple ale made of barley, wheat, and a delicate dry-hop. Find pride in your light beer.  Follow our smoke signals. We were excited to score some killer new hops this year, and so we now showcase hand-selected Comet and Cashmere hops in this limited run of 2020 Billows.

6 pack – 12oz Cans

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